• Yesss XD so stupid x) x) that's the joice of internet - -' But we fuck it ! We will speak again a long time, over all the fucking borders XD !!

    Ho yes the school T_T.... and there isn't just that u_u' you know, i work in factory the days when i haven't school >< I'm so tireeeeed O_o but i need money........ quickly XD !

    Hooo it's so cute :D ! Me too i will write to you as soon as possible :)
    you're note my favorite german for nothing ;) lol.

    And in this moment, the days are more and more "short".... the night take more and more place ^^''' it's not cool for my mind x)

    i hope have a news of you =)
    Biiig kiss from Paris <3 :)

  • O_o but.... i had anser to your last messge :( :( i was waiting too your answer ><
    You hadn't have my last message >< ???? hooo fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :s:s:s

    .... rrrr i fuck my internet >< a fucking connection u_u''''''''''

    I'm sorry =x =x i love to speak with you, don't believe i would to stop it ><
    .... and with the begining of the school... whe haven't a lot of time >< right :( ?

  • Hey :)
    Yes a camera x) x).........I am hopeless u_u' it's an easy fucking word and i didn't find it XD

    Brief, how are you my favorite germa :) ? You are always on holidays? I am on holidays until October me ^^ i have a lot of chance i know XD

  • Hey ^^ yes i'm back :D for a lot of fucking bullshit MOUHAHAHAHAHAHA XD
    And i have my new photo machine (i don't know what the word in english XD)

  • Ho shit :(.......i was here and you too...shit shit ><